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Who We Are - What We Do

We are an organization of independent graphic arts distributors in the USA and Canada.  


We provide imaging technology products to the dye sublimation industry with a focus on the testing and evaluation of papers, ink and media. Our goal is to enhance your quality and improve your efficiency by using color management tools to develop a complete understanding of our sublimation transfer consumable offerings.

Our local and regional independent dealers  owners provide a high level of service that cannot be matched by today's large national suppliers.

What Makes Us Different?

Product Testing

We continually test and evaluate papers and media. The knowledge we gain allows  us to make the best product recommendations for your applications.

Color Management

There is really no such thing as "eyeballing" color. We can bring science to your shop and help you establish color standards for your customers.

Color Process Control

Production conditions change over time. Process control is a method of tracking  and measuring deviations over time and across devices.

Nationwide Distribution

Our dealer network stretches across the country and our number of stocking locations are growing to meet the needs of our customers. 

Our Product Lines


Paper, Ink, Media & Framing Systems


Printers, Presses & Finishing

Workflow & Color

RIPs, Instruments, Process Control

Our Strategic Partners

Dover brands include MS Printing Solutions, Kiian Digital, Sawgrass Industrial, J-Tech and Caldera

Dover Digital Printing provides Dye Sublimation solutions for Direct & Sublimation Transfer applications across fashion, sportswear, beachwear, home decoration, soft signage, signs, graphics and displays.

The company is committed to driving efficiencies in digital printing, collaborating closely with customers to innovate for greater speed and accuracy in production to increase their profitability.

Dover Digital Printing combines global scale with operational agility to lead the markets they serve. Their geographic scope and diverse expertise across specialized industries allow them to develop more effective digital printing solutions. 

Neenah Coldenhove brands include Jetcol, Jet-X and Xtreme

Digital dye sublimation printing paper was invented at Neenah Coldenhove, and Jetcol® paper was granted a patent in 1998.

Jetcol® has been regarded as the benchmark for the digital dye sublimation industry. The Jetcol® product line includes Jet-X and Xtreme. Jetcol products feature extremely high transfer transfer yields – up to 97% and are tuned for specific applications and print condititions.

Jetcol® offers a range of unique properties such as a very wide color gamut, high resolution and most importantly, consistent quality. It’s this quality that allows you to achieve the same results with every print job, bringing more predictability into your production.

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